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Samuel fragte am 12. Jan. 2023


which cases can you recommend for IT consulting? (will have an interview for S/4 HANA change management and one for IT consulting plain) 


Thanks and regards. 


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antwortete am 13. Jan. 2023
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Hi Samuel,

I think this is an interesting question that may be relevant for many people. I would be happy to share my thoughts on it:

  • For IT consulting, common case topics may include change management, digital transformation, system implementation, process improvement, and cost optimization.
  • For S/4 HANA change management specifically, you may be prompted to discuss topics such as the benefits of implementing S/4 HANA, the challenges involved in the implementation process, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful implementation.
  • For IT consulting in general, you may be asked about topics such as how to improve a company's IT infrastructure, how to optimize costs, how to implement new technologies, and how to ensure data security.
  • To prepare for these cases, it's important to familiarize yourself with the specific technologies and concepts related to S/4 HANA change management and IT consulting.
  • Additionally, PrepLounge offers an extensive case library that includes case studies and frameworks related to IT consulting.

If you would like a more detailed discussion on how to address your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.



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Samuel am 13. Jan. 2023

Hi Hagen, thank you for your comment. S/4 HANA is definitely a hot topic at the moment since all the enterprises that run on SAP legacy need to switch until 2027 and they now realize that there isn't that much time left. I will have a look on that one, and reach out to you in case of questions. Thank you very much. Best regards Samuel

Hagen am 14. Jan. 2023

Hi Samuel, Yes, it absolutely is! Sure thing, always there to help, whenever you need me. Best, Hagen

Anonym antwortete am 12. Jan. 2023

Can you be a bit more specific on what you mean by IT consulting? Are you talking about digital transformation type cases or specific cases to do with IT deployment?

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antwortete am 13. Jan. 2023
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Hi Samir,

It really depends, but here are 3 Tech/IT based cases I have created that you may find helpful.

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antwortete am 13. Jan. 2023
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Ex-Bain and interviewer for 7+ years | >95% success rate | mentor and coach for 6+ years
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