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Estimate case type based on interviewer profile

Anonym A fragte am 27. Nov 2017

Hello guys!

so i wanted to ask for your opinion. I have an interview upcoming soon.

About myself: engineering background + single founder in an ecommerce startup + no direct consultancy experience.

I managed to get an interview with one of the top inhouse management consulting firm.

My interviewer has business administration background + Phd in venture capital + he is currently emplyed as a project manager at this firm. My questions:

1. I am guessing the cases will have a focus on the quantitative side?! what kind of cases can I be most likely receiving? M&A? strategy with regards to operations/organizations?

2. How is project manegemnt done in consultancy? are there special tools? any questions related to PM I can expect?

Thank you a lot!

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Vlad antwortete am 27. Nov 2017
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1) I would recommend you to prepare for case interviews as much as possible instead of trying to predict your case types. The much better indicator will be the specialization of the company itself and the specialization of the in-house consulting. If the company plays in the particular industry - chances are high that you'll have the industry cases.

2) Unless you are applying for PM yourself you will have no PM questions. If you are applying for a manager - you may have some general questions on how to structure the work streams and allocate people. That's a bit different from classic structures


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