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Deloitte Human Capital, Organizational Transformation & Talent Case Study

mackenzie fragte am 8. Feb 2017 - 1 Antwort

Hello! I'm currently prepping for Deloitte's Human Capital, Organizational Transformation & Talent Case Study. I'm struggling to find online materials and prep specific to Human Capital. does anyone have any suggestions of where to look or want to practice?


antwortete am 9. Feb 2017
Former L.E.K. & Monitor Deloitte Project Leader


Deloitte OTT is like any consulting function. If you can work your way with a typical candidate-led case comfortably, clearly, and confidently with demonstration of solid logic and analytic capabilities, you will be viewed positively.

Personally, if I limited time for OTT preparation, I might focus on business situation, M&A, and market opportunity cases as they're the broadest and encompass elements of strategy, operations, and personnel-related needs.

I hope that helps.

- Frank

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