Case Study Question: Define what to include in a strategic plan

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I was recently asked the below question. I think I had a good approach but the interviewer didn't not look 100% convinced. I was wondering if you could provide some feedback on this approach.

Our client is a high-end gym in a major city. They have contacted us to develop a strategic plan for their business. Can you please tell me what items you would include in the Strategic Plan (almost like a context page that shows all items we need to look at)?

This was my approach:

1. Company Vision & Objectives

2. External Environmental Analysis

a. Industry overview containing major trends, changes to consumer behaviour, etc.

b. Competitive outlook – who are the main players and what are their differentiating factors, market shares, etc.

3. Internal Analysis:

a. Customer – segmentation, identify segment client should target

b. Product – what products we want to offer (e.g. monthly packages etc) to target segment

c. People – talent needs, culture, capabilities

d. Finance – P&L/ B/S projections for the next few years, scenario analysis

e. Investments/Initiatives – overview of potential initiatives/projects client might want to invest to fulfil strategy

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Anonym antwortete am 15. Okt. 2018

I'd say that's a pretty solid structure.

Missing points to add somewhere (I'm sure you included it implicitly, but make it explicit)

  • Value Proposition & USP
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Risks & Mitigation

Also, maybe break out the "initiatives" into a separate chapter and include implementation plan and milestones. But that's more a question of taste...

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