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Acquiring a vineyard in the Piedmont region (Italy)

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Your client, a private equity fund, is considering entry into the wine business through the acquisition of a vineyard called “Piumarolo” in Italy's renowned Piedmont region. Since this marks the fund's initial foray into this specific sector, they have engaged our team to conduct a preliminary market analysis and determine the feasibility of this prospective transaction.

Question 1

How would you approach this problem?

Question 2

Your team has conducted a more in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape within the wine business, and your analyst has shared a chart via email. What does it tell you?

Question 3

What is the wine market size going to be in Piedmont in 2024?

Question 4

What can be causing prices to decrease?

Question 5

What could possibly happen that might cause prices of wine in Piedmont to increase in the future?

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