Current EY-Parthenon Project Leader and Interviewer / 200+ interviews conducted / 5+ years of mentoring experience
EY-Parthenon, Kearney
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Based on your personal needs, my offerings and any combination of them (for specific requests please feel free to contact me) include:

  • Case study diagnostic (1.0 hour coaching): Based on specific information provided by you, I will assess your level of readiness for the upcoming recruiting process, discuss ideal next steps and answer all your questions.
  • Case study and personal fit coaching (1.0 hour per coaching): I will develop a personalized coaching/ series of coaching sessions for you to make you ready for the upcoming recruiting process, both for the case study and personal fit parts.
  • Application files review (resume, cover letter) (1.0 hour coaching): We will discuss your resume, cover letter and the written feedback provided by me in detail to help you pass the screening stage of the recruiting process and receive the invitation for the interviews.





My personal goal is to help you succeed and receive the job offer you yearn for. And to make this happen, I will approach each coaching with outmost dedication to your personal needs, empathy, patience and structure to maximize your readiness in all parts of the interview.


I will enable you to solve any type of case study using the right approach, methodology and a customized roadmap showing case leadership, business acumen and professionalism.


I will dedicate all the time you need to accomplish whatever endeavor you set out to. As a consequence, you can expect:

  • No time limit: Our sessions will last until you are satisfied with all your questions and have received personalized feedback from me.
  • Full availability: You will be provided with my personal cell phone number so you can contact me on WhatsApp (or PrepLounge/ LinkedIn/ e-mail) for follow-up questions or last-minute doubts before your interviews.
  • Long-term support: Even after our coaching sessions, you can always contact me. Together, we will work through whatever is still ahead of you – whether it is several offers to choose from or negotiating terms.


Before our first coaching, please:

  • Send me your CV and e-mail address.
  • Tell me your current skill level and what you want to be working on with me. I will start the first session with comprehensive diagnostics, but will take special care about the areas you mentioned.




I have 5+ years of experience in management consulting industry having worked for Kearney (1.5 years) and currently for EY-Parthenon. Having been interviewed myself by several companies before my career start in consulting and having interviewed 200+ applicants across seniority levels ever since, I have a firm understanding of what consulting companies seek out for and how applying at those companies feels like. Moreover, I act as a mentor for 3+ years for colleagues at EY-Parthenon providing them personalized career development steering.


I am convinced to provide a one-of-a-kind coaching experience for you with

  • Real-life case studies: All case studies we practice are based on real cases of my own management consulting experience and tested in live interviews.
  • Long-term, in-depth knowledge: With more than 5 years of consulting and recruiting experience, I thoroughly know all details of the whole recruiting process.
  • Recent experience: Being an active member of the recruiting team, I have a profound understanding of the current recruiting process like it will be for you.


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