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Overall Background

I have worked for more than 2 years to get into consulting. I actively participated in the activities of every Consulting Club (JEME, Bocconi Consulting Club, Consult Club, ICC) of the Universities I attended, booked time with different Coaches on Prep Lounge, and leveraged lateral work experiences (OECD, Google, Uber). The combination of these three factors landed me at McKinsey where I worked for 3 years on a wide range of engagements (e.g., revenue growth, digitalization, cost cutting, business plan, due diligence, operational efficiency) all over the world (e.g., UK, Greece, the Netherlands, US, Switzerland). 

Actually MBA Candidate at INSEAD where, as a VP of Knowledge of the INSEAD Consulting Club, I am voluntarily contributing to facilitate the success of fellow colleagues interviewing for top Consulting Companies. 


  • Candidate Assessment: I will understand your needs, your goals (e.g., companies you are targeting, timeline), and your current level. I will tailor the best program for you and, once we agree on a roadmap, we will work together to improve your weaknesses and turn them into an asset. I will advise you on how to mentally and practically work on this aspect. It worked for me and still does.
  • “Ace the Case” Preparation: I will give you a full case (40/45 minutes), actionable feedback, and a sample evaluation form of your performance. I will provide feedback and suggestions to improve problem-solving capabilities, communication style, and quantitative abilities. On top of that, I will provide you with an “escape way” to always get a case done by leveraging confidence and common sense.
  • Personal Fit Intensive Training: I will test you on a wide array of questions (I personally drafted all of them taking inspiration from my work experience at OECD, Google, Uber, McKinsey, and from my interviews at BCG, Deloitte, HSBC, Vodafone, Permira) and I will help you in transforming your stories, sharpening your storytelling abilities and structuring your answers. My goal is to make you the best promoter of yourself.
  • Resources: I will provide you with several examples of cases (e.g., market sizing, operations improvement, M&A, market entry, supply chain disruption, unconventional) leveraging my personal work experience and my education background (I studied in four different B-School: Bocconi, IIM Ahmedabad, ESG UQAM, INSEAD). On top of the case, I will give you a short detailed document explaining how to adopt the same approach to similar cases.


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