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Case interview
Fit interview
Resume and cover letter review

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  • Buche eine 30-minütige Lebenslauf-Review
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  • Erhalte detailliertes Feedback und Tipps

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Having successfully landed multiple offers from Tier 1 and 2 consulting firms, I have acquired the skills and know first-hand what it takes to excel in the case and fit interviews. If you choose to have me as your coach, you can expect the following:


Coverage of the most common types of cases

1. We will run through mock interviews in case types that are the most common in consulting interviews (e.g. profitability, product launch, market sizing, and several others) to ensure you have a well-rounded exposure to them and will not be caught off-guard during actual interview

2. If you have some experience in case interview, we will try to cover the cases that you have not had much practice on


Focused on improving your core skills

1. We will work on making sure that you are performing at your best in all the core skills the interviewer will be assessing, such as framework structuring, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, interpreting graphs, synthesizing your findings, brainstorming ideas, and wrap up

2. We will dive in and re-do parts of the case that I feel it's important you master but still have gaps in


Homeworks to practice on after the coaching

1. Depending on your performance, you might be given some suggestion from me on specific homework you can work on after the practice, such as reading up on a particular industry, math drills, etc.

2. If you book multiple sessions with me, I will usually provide some homework for you in between our sessions so that you can have additional practice before we meet


To know further, feel free to book an initial session to gauge whether my approach is tailored to your situation, or drop me a message and I will get back to you. I usually reply any messages within 2 working days.


Look forward to speaking with you. Thank you!


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