What are the things makes a candidate immediately hirable?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 30, 2020

What element in the resume would take the candidate next level for you? What are those elements for a college student?

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replied on Oct 01, 2020
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Hi Anonymous!

to be clear: The purpose of a CV is not to get you hired. And it never will. The purpose is to land you an interview. Once you're there, the CV becomes irrelevant. It will not balance out a bad interview performance or a clear unfitness of your personality.

Having said that, the elements that make your profile attactive are:

  • Clear track record of passing high-bar filters (getting accepted by top schools, companies with a very high bar in their recruiting, young professional development programs, etc)
  • Track record of constant improvement and drive after you've passed these filters (regular promotions, outstanding academic achievements)
  • Professional background that's relevant for the consulting firms (digital skills, investment banking, private equity, key clients, etc)
  • Clearly defined profile (amazing extra-curriculars demonstrating that you're an interesting individual and show passion and drive not only at work, but also in your private life)

Of course the CV is evaluated holistally, so you might have spikes in any of these. It's not required to stick out in all of these, but the combination needs to be impressive.

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updated an answer on Sep 30, 2020
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A resume does not make a candidate hirable, that job is fulfiled by the interview process. A resume can however make a candidate more likely to be invited to interview. The following things make a resume stand out

1. School that you go to - Top 10 global school is the best

2. GPA - 3.7 and above

3. Scholarships and other academic achievements

4. National level sports achievements (D1 athlete)

5. Something that stands out like starting your own company or starting a non profit that has scaled considerably over time

6. Brand name internships - it has to be what the company is known for so investment banking at Goldman Sachs is good but operations at Goldman Sachs not impressive. Similarly, Supply Chain at Apple is great etc.

Most relevant here would be to couple the resume with a strong partner level recommendation to get that interview invite!

All the best,



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Anonymous replied on Sep 30, 2020

Dear A,

There are mix of elements:

- Presentable CV - target schools, top student, relevant experience, outstanding life experience

- Referral from manager or partner will extremily increase you chances to secure your interview invite

- Your high perfomance during the interview in case and strong motivation in FIT stories.

There are all different stages in recruiting process, that they are all parts of a hirable candidate portrait.

If you need help or advice with any of these stage, feel free to reach out.


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replied on Oct 09, 2020
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Hi there,

As part of the pre-screening, HR look at the following:

  • Academic background: did you attend a target school? grades (especially for junior positions), awards, research, etc.
  • Professional experience: what positions did you held and in which companies. Are those companies in the biggest industries served by this office (in other words, will they be able to "sell" your expertise to their clients), etc.
  • Co-curricular: were you an elite athlete, do you publish articles in renowned magazines, did you launch & lead a student organization, etc.
  • Certificates & skills: did you get certified in an important skill for the company (Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.)
  • Languages: do you have a professional proficiency in at least English and the local language of the office. Any additional languages are a plus

Those are some of the most important elements that firms base their decisions on, but some additional considerations can be taken into account.

I hope this helps!


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replied on Oct 03, 2020
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No-one is immediately hireable. Rather, they go through stages of evaluation.

In terms of the first stage (resume screening), I look at the following:

  1. Clean, clear, organized, resume (i.e. it looks good)
  2. Strong set of experiences
  3. Concise experience bullet points that get to the point and show real responsibility + value-add
  4. Solid GPA ideally at a respectable school (3.6 or above)
  5. Something else interesting: a) Languages b) Technical skills (not excel/Office but Python, R, other Coding) or c) Extensive extracirricular leadership
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