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New answer on Aug 06, 2019
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Shane asked on Jul 22, 2019


Has anyone here applied for the McKinsey Expedition 2019, or perhaps has attended in recent years? It would be nice to hear if anyone has any insights as to what they are looking for in candidates for the event, or if anyone has already received an acceptance for this year's event.



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Anonymous A replied on Aug 06, 2019

I think they said they would let us know by today but I have not yet heard anything.

Did you hear anything yet?

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Anonymous B on Aug 07, 2019
Same here. I received an email from McKinsey Recruiting on 25 Jul saying they would send out an update on 06 August. That's today and I haven't heard anything yet.


Anonymous A on Aug 07, 2019
A friend of mine got the rejection email yesterday
Anonymous C on Aug 07, 2019
I too haven't received any info yet
Anonymous D on Aug 07, 2019
Same here - yet to hear back!
Anonymous A on Aug 07, 2019
I just got my rejection email