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MBB interview timing (vs ATK)

ATK McKinsey
Recent activity on Jan 17, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 17, 2017

Hey, I have three interviews coming up; McKinsey thursday in 1.5 weeks, BCG Friday in 2.5 weeks, and now ATK called to schedule an interview either this Friday (0.5 weeks) or Friday after (ie after McKinsey). Both work for me, but now Im not sure what to do.

Ive had one real time interview before with Bain (which I totally screwed up). Have practiced now for a few weeks so feel more ready. Would much rather choose MB over ATK since ATK is very very small in my country. Either I do ATK early, especially advantageous to practice before M. But then I risk coming in a "too early process" with them, ie. If I'm successful, id be forced to take that offer since it's much earlier than the others. The others have signaled flexibility; however, I have already changed dates with them once so not too keen on doing so again, and their schedules seemed tight.

Is getting one extra live interview practice before my top choice (Mck) worth it?

Thank you you in advance!

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replied on Jan 17, 2017
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Extra live practice is definitely a plus so I'd interview at ATK this week vs. after McK. I wouldn't worry too much about getting an ATK offer before an MB one though. Assuming it happens (I hope for you that it does), you can ask them to wait before giving an answer - and in the unlikely event that they make an exploding offer ("choose by Friday or we cancel the offer), you can still accept then reject if BCG or McK comes through.

PS: if you get a rejection, be polite and respectful but persistent, you NEED actionable feedback.

Good luck!


Ex-BCG Dallas

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replied on Jan 17, 2017
Ex-Bain consultant, got offers from McK, BCG, Bain. Now a Product Manager at a startup

Hi there, I would probably recommend that you do it quickly. The practice at a real interview is gold, and will allow you to course-correct as appropriate.

If you get the offer, you should be able to delay the decision by a couple of weeks.

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Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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