Do consulting companies gives out the same types of cases in the middle east?

Middle East
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Waleed asked on Mar 03, 2019

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replied on Mar 03, 2019
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Hi Waleed,

I helped several candidates for the Dubai office, compared with other geographies besides standard cases you will find:

  • More government-related cases (eg how would you decrease the unemployment rate in country XYZ)
  • More market sizing

Please feel free to PM me if you need more support.

Hope this helps,

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replied on Mar 03, 2019
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Francesco and Sidi just gave apparently conflicting answers... they are both right though. Let me explain:

1. In general, the actual type of case really doesn't matter: we judge you on your case interviewing skills more than on the actual industry-specific knowledge

2. There really are very few differences between cases from various industries, most problematics really are the same

3. Once you join a firm, you will be able to transfer from office to office; in some (BCG especially), you will even be staffed on a wide variety of projects the first few years to build your skills independently of the industry & vertical

4. Having said all of that - some offices have more work in a particular space than others. In the middle east, there are indeed more projects in the government and Oil&Gas spaces. So you would be right to expect more interview cases along those lines

5. I / we still suggest you focus mostly on the actual case skills, since they are portable and will get you ready for any type of case. Actually focusing on a specific industry may be useful if you are applying to an expert position, but is usually self-defeating and very counter productive for the vast, vast majority of applicants we see on this platform

tl;dr: don't worry about the "type" of cases, focus on being able to crack the general cases first.

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replied on Mar 03, 2019
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Clear answer for MBB firms is yes!

Cheers, Sidi

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Anonymous replied on Jul 24, 2020

Dear Waleed,

Mostly yes, but there is a little specification of Government related projects and market sizing.

AT COVID times it might be added cases on restructurisation and digitisations.

I have helped sevelal mentees to get the offers in the Middle East, so if you need any help, advice or insights, feel free to reach out.


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Francesco gave the best answer


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