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LightFast - Launching high-speed broadband in Indonesia

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Case Prompt

Your client is the CSO of LightFast, a Middle-Eastern telecoms and media player. They are a national incumbent player who expanded operations into South-East Asia and North Africa in late 2010s. Their operations in Indonesia include pay-TV and fibre-optic broadband. However, the broadband business has flat-lined since launch.

LightFast is now looking to reset its Indonesian subsidiary and has asked you to advise them on whether they should re-launch or close operations.

They would like you to advice on the size of the opportunity if they were to re-launch in Y1, estimate the expected payback period and then highlight key considerations to make a go/no-go decision.


Sample Structure

0. Background Information

I. Calculating Market Size

II. Payback Period

III. Discussion of key factors to determine go/no-go decision

Further Questions

An excellent candidate would use Diagram 1 (map of Indonesia), to identify a fourth factor being

  • Geography – impact of disparate islands on cost of deploying cables and suitability of fibre vs 4G?
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