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Want to see real results? Click the link below to find recent success stories of candidates who received offers with the help of my coaching.


On Preplounge, 74% of people who book an initial session with me, go on to book at least 3 follow-up sessions, which gives a good illustration of the value of my coaching in creating success stories like the ones above


Note: 24-hour crash course: I am available for a crash-course with 24hrs notice if you have secured a last-minute interview, or for reassuring practice the day before your interview.

Sessions not time-constrained - We'll work together until we've covered all the bases.


► 3+ years at Strategy& (30+ cases in 15 countries across 7 sectors)

► 2+ yrs as an interviewer; conducted 50+ case/fit interviews (Analyst to Manager level) – personally hired 4 people

► Successfully transitioned from engineering to consulting

► Successfully coached 97+ candidates 

► 94% success for S& (Middle East, US, UK), Bain, BCG, ATK, OW, and RB


  • ​Strategy& / PwC candidates globally (Associate to Principal)
  • Ex-engineers pivoting to consulting (experienced hires / MBAs)
  • MBB, OW, RB, LEK, ADL candidates - LDN / DE / MENA (Associate to Manager)
  • All consultancies - Middle East office candidates (Intern to Manager)
  • Industry lateral hires specialised in TMT (Manager to Principal)


1. Pre-Session

► Skills diagnostic - my bespoke framework which includes a self-assessment of your skills; used to design a custom session

2. During Session

► Real-life practice cases - during sessions, I use real cases

► Extensive feedback - case and non-case interview verbal and written feedback

► Your candidate score - my evaluation of your candidate strength based on real scoring charts used by consulting firms

3. Post-session

► Tailored development plan - a development plan to double-down on your strengths and resolve weaknesses using my assessment framework (based on a real candidate scoring sheet)

► Take-home exercise - including specific written cases, interview guides and resources

► Email Coaching - answering application and interview questions up until you interview and post-interview debrief


With nearly three years of recruiting experience, I have helped people get offers in different firms across various global offices.

Having conducted a large number of case interviews during my time at S&, I will offer realistic mock interviews and impactful feedback 

From my experience, I saw many candidates, focussed too much on the frameworks/interview mechanics, instead of demonstrating a common-sense approach which interviewers prefer to see.

I will teach you to solve cases based on logic and first-principles, but also to think creatively about the problem to be solved

My job is to ensure we holistically cover your all-round abilities – including unexpected questions / non-conventional cases to train you to deal with curveballs.

We will also spend time on the fit portion of the interview. This is an area typically candidates under-emphasise!

This means I will develop a structured approach tailored to your needs and specific feedback.

We will not be constrained to one hour and will ensure we cover all areas by the end of our session, so that you get tailoredcomprehensive and actionable feedback.

All cases we will use are either (1) real cases based on my consulting projects or (2) cases I have given as an interviewer

After our session, I will be available via Email/WhatsApp/Phone for ad-hoc feedback or questions at no charge

Before our session

I’ll ask you to send your LinkedIn profile / CV and your assessment of your strengths and development areas. I will use this to develop a tailored session with specific cases to address your development points, a fit interview, a CV / cover letter optimisation session and Q&A at the end.

Example Session

  1. Diagnostic:
    • A brief run-through of your objectives, previous cases you've done, and a quick test on fit (detailed fit interview later)
  2. Full Mock Interview:
    • One or Two cases
    • Fit interview and behavioural questions
  3. Feedback:
    • Detailed feedback assessing your self-reported strengths and weaknesses, highlighting development areas, and specific remedies
  4. CV / Cover Letter optimisation: 
    • This will be focussed on “how to tell a good story” and I will teach you to use certain specific phrases to build credibility. Some editing if necessary
  5. Post-session
    • Following the session, I will share bespoke case materials from my own cases and my own interviews I have conducted
    • I will be available for ad-hoc Q&A over call / WhatsApp / email afterwards

The importance of the fit interview

Often, too little focus is placed on fit interview preparation. This is my area of expertise; I have helped 60+ students develop their story to sell a clear and consistent message to the interviewing firm. While we all have something unique to offer, it can be difficult to see it in ourselves - I can coach you to capture this personal brand and effectively market yourself. 


  1. A polished problem-solving approach
  2. The ability to nail cases without a framework
  3. Experience in how to demonstrate fit (most important) with behavioural questions
  4. A tailored CV / cover letter to create a compelling application
  5. A Mindset in how to think like a consultant
  6. Potential referrals to my network


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