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DHL Management Consulting

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New answer on Apr 15, 2024
2 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Apr 15, 2024

Hello commuinity, hope you have a great start of the week :)

I´m in the process for DHLC and I have my Recruiting Day in a couple of weeks. Any specific recommendations on this?

Business case: any specific focus on Supply Chain? Is it candidate led?

FIT: any recommendations here?

Play Role: Any information on what is this about?


Thanks :)

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replied on Apr 15, 2024
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

If I were you, I'd shoot an email to the recruiter exactly with this content. 

The format of the interview should never be a secret for you. And the more you find out from the recruiter before the event, the better positioned you are. 

I'll give you my perspective on your questions based on my candidates who went out to interview with DHL (but still do check with the recruiter as well):

Business case: any specific focus on Supply Chain? Is it candidate-led?

I'd prepare across the spectrum of topics, but yes, put special emphasis on supply chain, operations, etc. 

FIT: any recommendations here?

Prepare ‘tell me about yourself,’ ‘why consulting,’ ‘why DHL,’ and ‘why inhouse consulting.’

Aside from this, prepare 2-3 stories that show you at your best self as a leader, or persuading others, or showing an entrepreneurial mindset. 

To prepare these stories, I offer a guide that explains with examples how to build your stories (works for any firm, but developed on the McKinsey framework)

Play Role: Any information on what this is about?

No. Sorry.


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replied on Apr 15, 2024
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One watch out - don't be too narrow and only consider supply chain cases. There's a lot of project work outside that.

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