Ex-Bain | Effective case prep for DACH & Middle East | Offers from 5/6 recruitment processes (3 regions, '20 & '23)
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My Focus

  • Firms: Bain, Roland Berger, Big-4 strategy arms (e.g., Strategy&, EY-P), Oliver Wyman and Boutique consultancies
  • Regions: DACH, Middle East and Australia
  • Case Focus: Easier and more realistic cases (based on my own experience as interviewer & interviewee) with importance on case structure, mental maths and company fit
  • Specialties: Unusual profiles (non-tier schools or older), MBA hiring, Digital consulting

My Case Prep Background

I have recruited in DACH and interviewed successfully in DACH, Middle East and AUS/NZ at several consulting companies ranging from MBB to Boutique firms. In addition, during my MBA (2020-2022) I was heavily involved in the consulting recruitment processes and coached 10+ MBA students intensively and gave 75+ mock interviews. I like to be efficient and effective, which is why I focus on regions that I know and give actionable feedback that will yield immediate improvements. 

My Consulting Background

I have 5+ years of consulting experience, working at EY, IQVIA (boutique with focus on Healthcare) and Bain in the DACH region. I am an incoming strategy consultant in Dubai.

My Prep Approach

I conduct mock interviews in the same format as you'll likely experience it, including a short behavioural part (~10 min) and a case (~30 min). The remaining 20 min will be for feedback. While I believe every “quality” mock  strengthens your casing skills, I see biggest gains with candidates I conducted over 3 interviews with 2-3 weeks apart. 
Our mock will be split in two parts:

  • Fit part, incl. feedback based on same/similar criteria consulting firms use. I will pay special attention to your fit to the respective firm.
  • Case part with 2-3 (not more!) very actionable suggestions to improve your case skills. Less is more!

Why Me

  1. Recent information: I have very recent interview experiences and hence know current interview formats and styles
  2. Real knowledge: I focus on candidates that apply to firms / regions I worked or interviewed with / in, using (adjusted) real cases
  3. Successful: My profile does not always pass the CV screening, so I focus a lot on interview skills. As a result, I received offers from almost all firms I interviewed with in 2020 and 2023 (6/7)


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