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Anonymous A asked on Oct 13, 2021

Hello everyone, 

I recently got the rejection email from BCG. I had applied via PL referral. 

I have applied for a BA position at Mckinsey via EM referral. When I had a chat with EM, she was like you have a really strong resume and she would refer me if I would like. Obviously, I said yes and she referred me. However, this is the same CV through which I had applied in BCG and got the rejection email yesterday. FYI - EM is from Boston and she has referred me for one of the European offices if it is helpful. 

I have applied in Bain as well through the same CV via consultant referral.

Now I am confused about should I change my CV or not and the deadline is near so I am getting really nervous. 

Really need your help. 

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CoachingPlus Expert
replied on Oct 13, 2021
McKinsey / Oxford grad / ex Firm mock interviewer & internal training faculty / top 25% best consultants in the Firm

Hi there, 

Happy to help. Feel free to send through your CV and cover letter so I can have a look. 

Most likely there's either an issue with the CV (and the EM reviewing it wasn't actually reading it closely) or there is an issue with the cover letter (which I assumed you sent as part of the application documentation). 


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Content Creator
replied on Oct 14, 2021
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews


It really depends on the CV.

Don't hesitate to reach out for a quick review.

Good luck,


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replied on Oct 13, 2021
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Hi there,

These are not mutually exclusive events!

You can have a great CV AND still not get invited to interview. A lot of factors go into you actually getting an interview.

With a referral, your odds are now higher.

Now, if she says it's good, that's very reassuring! However, she is busy, so she probably just glanced quickly. If you'd really like to be sure, either hire a coach to review it or post it here - we can let you know for certain when it's optimal!

Good luck!

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CoachingPlus Expert
replied on Oct 13, 2021
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Without knowing the CV it is impossible to know if the CV has a problem.

Reach out to a coach or to someone you know in consulting so you can have a specific assessment of your CV.

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CoachingPlus Expert
replied 11 hours ago
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Its difficult to say anything unless you share your CV and cover letter.

The BCG rejection may not necessarily be due to a badly-made CV. It could simply mean no immediate fit in the office you applied.

If the McK EM says you are good to go - then you might be. However, the best way to know if to get a coach to look through your CV and cover letter.

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Cristian gave the best answer


CoachingPlus Expert
McKinsey / Oxford grad / ex Firm mock interviewer & internal training faculty / top 25% best consultants in the Firm
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