What is the USP/market positioning/industry focus of Strategy&?

Anonym A fragte am 24. Apr 2017

How would you say Strategy& differs from other consultancies?

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Anonym B antwortete am 25. Apr 2017

Let me share my point of view on this.

As for the USP, I find it hard to determine the difference between S& and other strategy consultancies. Probably they are minor differences, but S& has a “fit for growth” agenda, i.e. create conditions for sustainable growth through increased efficiency, transformation etc. Of course like every other consultancy nowadays, digitalization is a huge topic also for S&. However, Booz was already known for a strong digital business team before the hype of digitalization, so they might have an advantage in that. Another important factor to consider is the connection to pwc. This allows to focus fully on strategy and delegate other responsibilities like law, technology etc. without needing to include another external company. Also, pwc provides a great network of expertise. If you have a project on a specific topic let’s say renewable energies, you as a strategy consultant are not gonna have the right expertise, but you can always find a specialist for the topic you need through pwc’s network.

Regarding industry focus, I would say that client industries vary for S&, but there might be a tendency towards engineering/automotive because of the former acquisition of Management Engineers.