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Vocaprep Video Course Experience

Anonym A fragte am 15. Nov 2018

Has anyone done the vocaprep video course here on PrepLounge? Can you recommend it? Considering buying it, but would like to hear some opinions first :)


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antwortete am 19. Nov 2018
McKinsey/Actionable feedback/Harvard University/Warwick Business School
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4 Meetings

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Dear A,

Watching videocourses is a good interactive way for learning skills.
However, I suggest talking to people, solving cases with them and thus learning from them.

In the end of the day you should communicate with clients. Learning how to do that effectively is one of the criterias MBBs are looking for.

I attach a guide on how to prepare for a case-interview.


Ist stage. Theory

  • Wharton casebook 2010- you can check how all industries work there (airlines, retail etc)
  • Case-in-point – you can check what frameworks exist, try to practice and learn them (product launch, M&A etc.)
  • Check how former business consultant approaches different cases with best interviewers – listen to at least 3 cases
  • Check out MECE principle, top-down, bottom-up àpyramid principle (book Barbara’s Minto Pyramid)

IInd stage. Practice

  • Create your own case schedule (solve at least 1 case per day) with partners in local groups, universities/preplounge (extreme case)
  • Structure everything you do (how to go the shop, structure long-read articles you in Economist)
  • Solve at least 1 case per each case type you found in case in point
  • Learn how to analyze graphs (practice looking at graphs and asking so whats out of them) Check my answer:
  • Brainstorming is a must = generate at least 10 ideas on an topic in 30 seconds

Link to casebooks

Additional to read:

  • Mind of a strategist
  • McKinsey Marvin Bauer

All the best,

Anonym B antwortete am 16. Nov 2018

I actually bough the course two weeks ago and found it immensely useful! I had already watched Victor Cheng before, but this is way more into depth and actually more fun to watch. It covers every detail of the case interview process and is very easy to understand and apply. I can highly recommend it.

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