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What is the best way to prepare strategically for the different numerical assessment tests that several firms have as part of their recruiting process? 

Many have stated the questions are similar to GMAT quantitative style. As someone who has no more than basic maths skills, should I be preparing using all of the GMAT maths review sections or will these assessments only assess certain maths principles and therefore I can take a more streamlined approach? 

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Hi there, 

This is a great question!

Basically, you should see this test as a form of screening for the bare minimum of skills that you would anyhow need to display during the actual interviews. So that means that the best way to practice for them is to just do cases, because this way you'll develop these abilities organically, while preparing comprehensively for the entire recruitment process. 

As a secondary step, I'd then try and find examples that are specific for each of the firms that you are applying for. So if you are applying to RB and they look at GMAT type questions, verbal comprehension, business comprehension… after that you can go ahead and practice these types of questions in isolation to improve your speed and accuracy on them. 



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Hi there,

Quite simply, practice, practice, practice.

There are SO many practice tests out there. Simply google for them and you'll see! Go through them question by question (checking answers and explanations).

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100% success rate if applying to >2 firms / Honest feedback: no sugar-coating / Success stories ➨ tinyurl.com/43rkxa8f
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