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Oliver Wyman interview

Anonym A fragte am 17. Mär 2016

Please help. I have an upcoming final round with Oliver Wyman. It will consist in 2 case interviews and 1 cv-based interview. One of the case interviews is a presentation case interview. So basically a written case, but instead of one on one interaction, it is presentation to a panel of consultants (2). They let you use a board and marker. You prepare for 30min, then you present for 10min and then 15 min questions.

Any tips on how to approach this second round with OW (including the presentation)? Any tips can help.

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antwortete am 29. Jun 2018
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the presentation case is not too different from normal case interviews except that you present your solution at once in front of a small panel. Approach the case as you would do with other cases, focus on the most important messages and be prepared to discuss why you chose a specific approach to solve the case.

The important part is that you show confidence when it comes to presenting your solution - your interviewer wants to see that you 1) prepared, 2) thought about your logic and 3) are able to defend your solution.

Hope this helps


Carla antwortete am 7. Dez 2016

I have the same question, I am interviewing in Madrid, and I don't know exactly what to expect from a presentation case. Any advice?

Rafael antwortete am 15. Nov 2016
Looking for solid partners. Actively preparing for upcoming interviews with BCG, RB and Strategy&. Interview experience with OW

Also interested, I am having it in two days in London for the Dubai office

Anonym B antwortete am 13. Nov 2016


I have a first round with OW for the London office in three days and I would really aapciriacte to further know what to expect, they say the interview conssits of 1 case and 1 personal fit.

Anyone went through similar experience and could share with me thier wisdom.

A I antwortete am 19. Mär 2016
Have done 150+ interviews

Hi, mp me please, I would love to discuss that with you.

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