Offers from OC&C and goetzpartners (German Offices)

Anonym A fragte am 2. Aug 2017


I have both an offer from goetzpartners and one from OC&C.

Does anyone have insights over which one I should take? Or any opinions?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi A,

both are good firms!

I mainly have input on OC&C:

I interviewed with and received a full time offer from OC&C and was really impressed with the people which was not always the case with other firms (I never interviewed with goetzpartners so have no input there).

An issue with OC&C (and any mid-sized consulting firm) is that its getting squeezed between MBB and the Big4 - I think there was a (partial) EY takeover recently. This and some internal confusion around franchise vs partnership means that OC&C's future is not that certain.

One other thing to keep in mind though is that OC&C is a British firm, and goetzpartners a German firm. This means that at OC&C Germany you will never be at the "core" of the firm, but it might make you seem more "English" if you want to do an MBA there later / switch to a firm there etc.

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