Not hearing back from McKinsey

Anonym A fragte am 21. Aug 2019 - 3 Antworten

I applied for the Associate position at McKinsey this summer. However, after a bit more than one month, I haven't received any reponse from the recruiting team. Is it appropriate to contact the recruiter regarding the application status?

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Vlad antwortete am 21. Aug 2019
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Absolutely! For some reason, people are afraid of contacting the recruiter, but they don't realize that the recruiters are there to help you


Gaurav antwortete am 21. Aug 2019
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Yes. By all means. Do contact the recruiter!


antwortete am 21. Aug 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

Yes, absolutely - there is nothing against politely asking your HR contact about the current status of your application!


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