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Hello everyone,

I plan to get into Strategy Consulting, but since I don't have the exact prior work ex, I am having a hard time finding a role. I have a master's in management, and 5 years of work ex with 2.5 in IT at Accenture, 2 at SANOFI in a Global Strategy team, and 1 in SaaS start-ups.

Also, I've often been praised for my business acumen for my level of experience. And I really just wanted an interview call to prove it to myself and hopefully make a career in this field.

I'd be extremely grateful if anyone can help me with a referral in Amsterdam, London, or Paris.

Thanks in advance!


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It sounds like you're well placed to get a role! You don't need to worry about not having the ‘right’ experience - for the entry level roles there isn't such a thing. The companies are looking for raw horsepower of intellectual capability, leadership and interpersonal capabilities. You can get that experience from all sorts of roles. 

One thing you will need to emphasise is how challenging the role that you've been doing is - and how you've gone above and beyond in it. 

Good luck!

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Hi there,

Not having "the exact prior work ex” is not an excuse!

I worked with Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Musicians, Writers, etc. I came from IT.

What you need to do is:

1) Get “relevant” experience on your resume (plenty of pro bono part time consulting sites out there)

2) Get your resume professionally reviewed

3) Networking extensively, and aim for a referral (sorry, but we're not just going to randomly submit a referral for you…you have to earn it through a call!)

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Hi there, 

Based on your description, it sounds like you should work not only on your referrals, but also your CV and cover letter. Make sure these are up to par and get a professional assessment if necessary. 

Regarding referrals, since you don't appear pressed for time, it might be worth starting to network and reach out from your current contacts to find people who work in your target firms. Then have 1-2 calls with them to learn more about the job, if possible ask that you do a practice case together, and then ask for a referral. Most would be happy to provide one. 



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