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Hi All,

Altough I'm able to solve most of the guessestimate questions (brainteaser and market sizing in particular), sometimes I struggle to approach and then solve with the most difficult ones. Therefore, I wonder whether my approach is not that general that I can "size" for every guessestimate case.

So I ask you:

- Do you have a general approach/framework you use to solve any kind of guessestimate, brainteaser, market sizing ecc. like any other business case framework that, a part from details, you can always use once you understand the case?

- If not, how do you handle the most difficult and strange guessestimate? It may be a matter of practice?



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antwortete am 8. Jan. 2019
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The only general rule to keep in mind: disaggregate the focus metric into ints components and subcomponents up to the level where you can easily estimate these subcomponents. Don't forget to validate your results against metrics that you know. The chapter on estimation questions in Case in Point is actually quite good (unlike the rest of the book).

Cheers, Sidi

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