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What do you think about BCG Gamma and data science?

BCG McKinsey
Neue Antwort am 17. Nov. 2023
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Anonym A fragte am 5. Jan. 2018

Hi all,

I would really like to hear your opinion on BCG Gamma and the potential/prestige of going into data science?

BCG Gamma is trying to advertise itself as being "front line data scientists". Being a generalist consultant with a Computer Science background, I find it hard to believe that BCG Gamma consultants will be as front line and as far up in the food-chain as generalist BCG consultants.

Do you have any inside on this?


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Beste Antwort
antwortete am 6. Jan. 2018
Former BCG interviewer

BCG Gamma is indeed at the front line of data science (in the consulting world). However, as you speculated, they do not have the same client exposure than the generalist team has. The way I saw it working (second handed) is that a traditional BCG team gets augmented with a Gamma team to deliver a specific aspect of a project. In such cases it was clear that the traditional BCG partners where still the ones owning the relationship and the Gamma partners were on site only for specific updates on their modules.

Hope it helps,


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antwortete am 14. Jan. 2018
Former BCG interviewer

Apologies for not replying sooner – didn’t get notified of the follow up. I do not think things will change in future and traditional partners will still own the client relationship for the reasons An mentioned. That said, the three options you listed are very different in terms of career path. In my experience, the three options you listed work as follow:

  • The "digital" practices are now structured as divisions of McK/BCG where there is a path to Partnership. They can own the digital component of a client relationship (but not always do, it’s the traditional partner’s decision) and can pitch independently to new clients that the firm hasn't work previously with. Whereas if the firm has already worked with a client that needs digital work they need to go through the traditional partner who owns the relationship
  • TA is an actual practice within traditional BCG. Regular path to partnership, regular rules to pitch projects (Partners can own client relationship, share revenue with other partners when sell to clients that are not theirs). They do technology work for all industries, that sometimes includes digital too
  • Gamma is a division of BCG where there is a path to Directorship (salary + bonus vs. revenue credits). Gamma supports traditional BCG in answering questions the client poses, they do not own the relationship

Based on your desires I think BCG TA is the best fit.

Hope it helps,


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Paul antwortete am 7. Juni 2023

BCG Gamma is a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group that focuses on advanced analytics and data science. They help clients leverage data to make informed decisions and drive growth. As for data science, it is a rapidly growing field that involves using statistical and computational methods to extract insights from data. Data scientists are in high demand as organizations seek to analyze vast amounts of data for competitive advantage. Overall, BCG Gamma's expertise in data science can provide valuable insights and solutions for their clients.

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Salvatore am 13. Dez. 2023

Yes, that's correct. BCG Gamma is indeed a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). BCG Gamma specializes in advanced analytics and data science, providing services to clients across various industries. They leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to help organizations harness the power of data and gain insights to drive strategic decision-making and solve complex business problems.

Anonym bearbeitete die Antwort am 14. Jan. 2018

Hi Anon,

Responding to your last comment on whether "generalist partners" will own the client relationships in the future

My view on it is "yes" in medium term, perhaps it will change in the long term (after all, everything is changing!) but I am not sure. Here's why I think that:

1. Clients will still want answers to holistic strategic questions and "generalist"** partners can help coordinate to provide that - and they are highly incentivised to do so! Exceptional data science can enable key insights or parts of the answer, but often the answer could be something very holistic covering strategy, how to operationalize the strategy into a program, and actual implementation help. The partner will want to help the client through every step of this journey and a "generalist" skillset is perhaps better positioned.

**Also wanted to add some perspective on "generalist" partners. I wanted to use your language here in this question but I think partners are not that "generalist". At the partner level, there is industry and functional expertise (at least from a consultant point of view). Hence, whilst a partner may not know as much about detailed data science, they have very good understanding at the business problem level and which capabilities are required to solve those problems.

2. Partnership structure - in many markets, there are specific allocations of client relationships to specific partners. These are obviously taken by business-oriented partners (who can cover the range of support needs for this client or at least get access to the support required), hence any high functionally-oriented "data science" partners will have to find their role in these structures.


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Anonym A antwortete am 11. Jan. 2018


You mention that the generalist partners still "own the projects".
How do you think this will change in the future?

I mean, if you're a computer scientist that wants to be total front-line and one day become a partner within "tech", would you rather go into say McK Digital/BCG TA or BCG Gamma?

I am too a Computer Scientist and I really find this difficult to answer because I am intrigued by data science and its potential for the future, but I also want client interaction and I don't want to "work for" the generalist...


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Retired am 14. Jan. 2018

Apologies for not replying sooner. I do not think things will change in future and traditional partners will still own the client relationship for the reasons An mentioned. That said, the three options you listed are very different in terms of career path:

Content Creator
bearbeitete eine Antwort am 5. Sept. 2021
Former BCG | Case author for efellows book | Experience in 6 consultancies (Stern Stewart, Capgemini, KPMG, VW Con., Hor


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cormiercamilla antwortete am 17. Nov. 2023

The need for data scientists is currently rising due to firms' pursuit of competitive advantage through the analysis of large volumes of data. In general, BCG Gamma's proficiency in the field of data science enables them to offer significant insights and solutions to their clientele. basketball stars

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