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Background check: I got fired once, is that an absolute no-go?

Anonym A fragte am 11. Sep 2018

Does MBB perform a background check?

And if so, is the fact of got fired or a negative feedback from a former employer, will be an absolute no-go for them?

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antwortete am 12. Sep 2018
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Some great answers already, I'll just add one small thing for the non-native speakers: there is a significant difference between "fired" and "laid-off". You get fired for cause; you get laid-off for a multitude of reasons, including economic.

- Being laid-off is never a concern, it has happened to untold millions of people (yes, it has happened to me too - long before consulting)

- Being fired may or may not be an issue, see previous answers

In either case, I'd be forthcoming if they ask you. Lying on an application never is the answer, and being called out for lying can (rightfully) destroy a career.

Good luck!

antwortete am 11. Sep 2018
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MBB does perform a background check before you start working (but after accepting the offer). However, main purpose is to verify experiences on your CV are true (e.g. University you studied, firms you worked at, work title, etc.) - the background check agency will not go deep into details on your role.

Getting fired is not necessarily a no-go - it depends on the reason. If you got fired for gross misconduct or for embezzling funds, this will raise some red flags and would probably lead to offer being withdrawn. If you got fired for cost-cutting reasons or simply for e.g. not hitting a sales target, on the other hand, then I wouldn't say this would be an absolute no-go.

bearbeitete seine Antwort am 11. Sep 2018
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Hi A,

It depends on a country. I will tell about Europe, including Russia.
Normally you put a name of a senior person in your former company, who MBB can contact.
Then MBB call your former employer and ask about your perfomance.

The best course of action for you is to mention a person, who was loyal to you at your former employer.

Kind regards,



Vlad antwortete am 11. Sep 2018
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In the US it will not be an issue (since the bnackground check is heavily regulated) unless it was a strong misconduct behavior, etc.

In the other countries they might ask for more details, so if you were fired - it might become a red flag.


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