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Why pick me? → My approach leverages:

- I have deep expertise in consulting: 12 years+ Strategy and Management consulting experience at BCG (9 years) and SCB (3 years). 

- I know what it takes to get in: Led university and lateral recruitment processes, I have personally interviewed > 200 candidates for Strategy and consulting roles across US, Singapore, and the US. 

- I know what it takes to succeed once you get in: I have led large assignments and teams of consultants, and know the specific qualities consulting firms look for in candidates


My approach Focus on the important stuff, a session with me will simulate an actual consulting interview process. As is the case with most consultants, it will be a structured process consisting of:

- 10 minutes: Introduction and getting to know you and your motivation to join consulting

- 45 minutes: Business case exercise based on actual cases that I have personally deployed (or have observed my ex-colleagues deploy) in Strategy recruitment sessions. The exercise itself will consist of problem statement definition by me, and then an interactive discussion between you and I where you will navigate the case together, provide you with data. Note: I will be taking notes to provide you with feedback

- 20 minutes: I will provide you with specific feedback based on your interview performance. The feedback will be structured along the dimensions that consulting firms use for evaluation (e.g. Problem solving acumen, Numerical comfort, Presence, Motivation, Fit, etc.). I will also give you suggestions on dimensions where you need to over-index and improve. Please note that I will not sugar coat my feedback, as I don't believe that's helpful

- 10 minutes: Q&A - This one will be all yours to direct, I am happy to answer any questions. These can be around career paths, resume feedback,  your broader preparation, etc. \

I am not bound to restrict the session to 60 mins, and will be happy to stretch it so that you get the right experience and coaching. 



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