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I have the unique experience of having coached future candidates for BCG. When I joined BCG, they wanted to get more candidates from my university to join the company, so we started a mentoring program. I was in charge of coaching future candidates and giving out workshops on the "BCG's approach to case-solving", "How to be structured", "How to communicate like a consultant" etc.
I work as a full-time consulting coach, and my approach to case solving is going a step further to teach you how to think and act like a consultant in a real project. MBB is looking for candidates that show they are ready to hit the ground running and generate impact from day one.
I combined the content I used to present in the workshops I gave as a BCGer with the experience of coaching over 200 sessions (I'm new to Preplounge but have been the coach of preference for other websites) to develop my coaching method, based on six essential skills you will use as a consultant:
    Framework building
    Hypothesis testing
    Analytical/ Data crunching
    Chart interpreting
 I will focus on your weak spots to improve your consulting performance as a whole. Through customized cases to fit your needs for improvement, we will go through learning cycles to get you to the level MBB expects of a candidate (each learning cycle usually requires 3 sessions). If you prefer, we can schedule 1 session for a complete diagnosis of your weak spots and strengths, so you have a clear view of where to invest your time when practicing.
All candidates that finished at least 1 learning cycle with me got called for 2nd round interviews, and 80% of candidates that went through 3 learning cycles received MBB offers.
The sessions with me are 1:30 hour-long (that's why I have a more strict calendar). In each session, you will solve a longer and more difficult case than the usual interview case. It makes the session more productive, and you will be practicing at a higher level. At the end of each session, I will give complete feedback based on the six consulting skills mentioned above, where I will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. The following working day, I will provide you with structured written feedback based on the McKinsey evaluating process. The written feedbacks allows you to keep track of your performance and visualize your learning curve.

Learning how to think and work as a consultant isn't a trivial task. Most of us need to work hard to get there – even while working in a consulting company. However, consulting companies expect candidates to show a full case-solving skillset during the selection process interviews.
There are many online courses available that will teach the fundamentals. If you feel you have stopped improving, are running out of time, having trouble with some specific skills, or want to put your knowledge to the test, reach out to me to schedule a session.
To help you reach your goals, I have created a structured and customizable method based on my experience as a consultant, BCG mentor for future candidates, and coach – and the best content available.

Let our sessions be the final step towards a career in consulting.



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