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Structured qualitative brainstorming
Clear idea communication and framework building
Addressing unknown industry cases

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Harshika is a Strategy Consultant at Parthenon-EY in their London offices. She has worked at Simon-Kucher and Partners in Germany and completed 3 years of b-school at HEC Paris in France. She has gained wide range of experiences via her work as a consultant, a strategic management specialist and further as a corporate strategy analyst in multiple industries. She has conducted numerous coaching sessions using tips she devised herself while aspiring to be a Consultant.

Her plan is to give back to the Preplounge community in equal amount as she gained. Below is a brief description on what she has planned for you!



Focus on generalist cases before moving to industry: Success at case cracking is more dependent on your customised way of breaking problems down, than on your understanding of every single industry. There are a million industries out there! Do you prefer running after reading up on each and still not being able to advise clients across any? Enter Harshika. Understand the client's set-up, derive hypotheses, pull numbers, stick to your own unique structure.. there is so much you can do to make your client interviewer comfortable with your candidature.

Tailored cases for you if you inform me just 48 hours in advance: There are no rules, especially if you aren't a beginner. Inform me well in advance (48 hours) and I can swoop in to test your level via a session - wherever you stand.

Special package if you have an interview coming up next week: Infact, don't you worry about that interview next week!! Just a tad bit pricier - but totally worth it. Pay an extra €30 and gain an extra hour with me for exactly the skills you need to focus on in the coming week. 

Discounts on my first 10 meetings (grab a coupon!): Since I have gained a lot from the preplounge community during my time at B-School, time to give that back.. Grab coupons and avail good discounts. Hurry - they might get exhausted before you know! There's a range: 30%. 20%, 10%.. the sooner, the cheaper :)



  • Current job keeps me in touch with desired interviewee profiles
  • Tested and successful networking tips in the last five minutes of all sessions
  • Wide range of interview experiences across boutique and tiered firms
  • Discounted follow-on sessions or advice via e-mail (price negotiable)

Please message me with any questions that you might have and I am happy to clear your doubts.

Looking forward to a wonderful jouney!


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