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This 3-steps method was developed in order to go from Zéro-Experience to Pro-Level in under 3 weeks of time. 

Following these 3 steps, I got offers from leading consulting and tech companies (which employ lots of ex-consultants).

NOTE: if you are only interested in case cracking, jump to point 3 "CASE PRACTICE" hereunder.


CV and Cover Letter review

Duration: 1 hour

Before sending your CV and Cover Letter to all the companies you are interested in, we'll make sure that you present your information in a straightforward and powerful way.

So that the company you're applying for can easily see the value of your previous work and studies.

We'll also see how to optimally select the companies you'll send your CV to and how to strategically organize and plan your interviews.

Fit preparation

Duration: 2 hours

Based on pro-tips from the top consulting firms and leading HR companies we'll go over the 100+ fit questions you might get during your interviews.

We'll go over these questions and formulate general answers for each type of question. You will quickly see that you can create a set of 5 to 10 generic answers to tackle these 100+ questions.

Finally, we will evaluate your answers on 5 dimensions: Leadership, STAR structure, Creativity, Image and Empathy.


Case structure

Duration: 30 mins

Structure the problem, develop your hypothesis, dive deep into the problem, develop and build a solution, synthesize. These are the 5 common steps you'll have to go over in order to crack all the cases you'll get.

We'll take a deeper dive and cover all the sub-points, details and pitfalls of each step. Finally, we'll develop an easy-to-remember method you'll be able to use for each case.


Duration: 30 mins

Now that you have a clear method to crack a case, we'll work on the concrete tools you'll use in your structure.

These include: frameworks (BCG Matrix, Porter's diamond and 5 forces, 4C's, 4P's, PESTEL), marketing basics (STP), corporate finance basics (discount rate, WACC) and quick-math tricks.


Case interview

Duration: 15 mins of Fit Interview (+ 15 mins of feedback) and 45 mins of Case Interview (+ 35 mins of feedback and discussion)

You're now ready to start cracking cases. I'll take the role of the interviewer and give you a case from over 135+ cases I have at hand. Industries covered include: financial services, shipping & transportation, retail, airline, tech & telecom, media & entertainment, healthcare, industrial goods, energy, consumer products, travel & leisure, sports and much more.

At the end of each case you'll get a 1-page review of your case. This scorecard will be composed of the detailed feedback of the case (step by step) as well as your key strenghts and areas of improvement.

We'll use this scorecard as a basis for your next cases and closely monitor the areas that need improvement. On average, we'll need 3 case interviews to turn you into a solid case cracker.

Next to this we will also discuss how to best deal with pressure and manage your time during an interview. Finally, we will discuss how to deal with people you have never met in a professional context in order for you to make the best first impression.


As you have to come up with questions for the interviewer at the end of each interview, we'll make sure you come prepared for this - extremely important - final part of the interview.


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