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Over the last 4 years I have helped +100 people from 5 continents in consulting interview preparation.

Along the way, I've realized that many successfull candidates, who read Case in Point and Victor Cheng, fail as they focus too much on the mechanics of the interview, missing out subtle points that are crucial for the interviewer.

I could help you to build a comprehensive knowledge by carefully adressing your development areas and defining your best interview strategy.

During my case preparation, I studied ALL the consulting prep material I could find available, online and offline. I got offers from McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyman and BCG, before choosing the initial. I'm ready to offer my accumulated experience to you, so that you could land your dream job.


Why me?

I could be a great case coach for you for 3 reasons:

  • Access to a diversified network of hundreds of current consultants worldwide
  • Reach out a comprehensive Q&A knowledge on management consulting thanks to my +20 project experience in 7 different industries and 5 different locations
  • Gain specific insider information on McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, thanks to broad network of alumni of my classes


My approach

My goal is more than providing a good one-hour interview training.  My goal is to make sure you understand your path that leads you to success. This is because:

  • We will tailor the session based on your development needs. Our session will end when your questions are answered and you have certain clarity on the next steps.
  • We will be in touch to solve your potential concerns and doubts after the session, free of charge.

My sessions:

I aim to provide you full interview experience as well as detailed action plan through

  • Full case interview: Interviewee or interviewer led, depending on the company you are applying for
  • Developmend need diagnostic: Detailed analysis of your development needs and mitigating actions
  • Detailed feedback: Comprehensive performance feedback focusing on fit, case, and communication, including a concrete roadmap to work on

(PS: Before our session, please self-study a few cases (5-10 cases or 10-20h spent on preparation) to maximize your benefit. I also recommend you to understand interviewing timing of your target companies. Lastly, I kindly ask you to send your LinkedIn profile or your CV to work on behavioural interview part.)


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