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Consulting Cases – Three steps to your dream career in consulting

Consulting Cases are a kind of job interview that are commonly used in consultancies as recruitment test. The topics range from challenging business situations to fancy brainteasers. Central is the evaluation of the candidate’s ability to solve a client’s real-life problems, which means being a consultant. It is the most feared part in the application process at the top management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain (MBB). Nevertheless, by choosing an intelligent preparation phase containing the study of theoretical resources, the simulation of consulting cases with peers and coachings with experienced experts, you can get the confidence and assurance you need. This is a short guide to structure your preparation:

Theoretical resources to improve your consulting interview skills

Your case interview prep should be based on a good knowledge of frameworks and concepts to solve cases. Our Experts and case interview coaches periodically hold Crack the Case workshops at universites where they present these concepts and give valuable advice. The workshops contain the most commonly used frameworks in management consulting, new case solving methods, as well as how to effectively prepare for a consulting interview.

Practice consulting cases with other applicants

Skill comes with practice. We recommend that every candidate should definitely practice more than 30 live consulting cases. This is where you can benefit from PrepLounge and its vast database of students and young professionals from all over the world. Finding case interview partners is as easy as never before and in the interactive meeting room you can explore the dynamics of real-life case interviews. Your ability to read the interviewer and your responsiveness to the real-time guidance they provide will increase highly. Your self-awareness in the process will become greater, the more you practice with others.

Ask case interview experts for their advice

Coaches can help you to figure out your weaknesses and focus on your strengths so that you can show yourself in the best light. Experts will lead you to the point where you feel familiar with consulting case frameworks and where you will intuitively utilize concepts in your analysis of business situations. Their company specific insider tips for the consulting firm (McKinsey, BCG, Bain etc.) you are applying for, are priceless.