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asked on Apr 02, 2016
Engineering background working in finance. Previously 1st rounds with 2xMBBS. This time intend to get the offer :)

Dear fellow preppers,

If you're interested in practicing back to back sessions, with a serious partner, please get in touch. I am an intermediate candidate, but an excellent interviewer and feedback giver.

My progress:

  • 11 cases with consultants
  • 25 case with preppers
  • Interviewed 1st round with McKinsey and 2nd round with a boutique consultancy.
  • Finished the LOMS recordings twice, all the Victor Cheng material, read through all the other standard stuff.
  • Currently preparing for 1st round with Bain.

Available for skype sessions: 9am-13pm (GMT+2) daily

If you're interested and are also intermediate-level, please get in touch.

Thanks, Stefan

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Ivan replied on Apr 11, 2016

Hey Stefan,

I'm based in Berlin and am looking to improve my structured problem solving / case study interview skills.

I had interviews with McK a few years ago right after my graduation and then I had a startup. My schedule is pretty flexible as I'm between jobs. Let me know if you'd like to practice with me.

Cheers, Ivan

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