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Mckinsey PST & BCG potential test

BCG Potential Test McKinsey PST
New answer on Sep 04, 2020
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Ilia asked on Apr 13, 2017
I've done 40+ cases - different levels and style. Please only for Advanced and Pros

Hey friends,

Do you have any tips how to prepare for those tests? (PST and Potential test)

is there anyone here who has been tested and can share his experience/questions and etc?

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replied on Apr 18, 2017
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing

Hi Ilia,

thank you for asking your question on our Consulting Q&A!

There are two relevant Q&As on the McKinsey PST and BCG potential test that might be useful for you.

On the McKinsey PST, our expert Ignacio mentions the following:

The PST is a battle against time but the favourable aspect of the test is that it is not negatively marked so it's a no-brainer to attempt every single question.

Bear in mind that it's very easy to get caught up in the moment with a question - you feel like you've invested a lot of time thinking about a particular one and so feel it's worth taking more time again to get it right. It's important to be ruthless. Imagine someone was looking over your shoulder and giving you objective advice about when to move on. Put yourself in that 'mode'. It's too easy to waste time.

Focus on areas where you are naturally good and try to get better. There might be some areas that you are naturally weaker - don't stress too much about these. Get yourself to a level where you feel competent. It's difficult to be top notch in all areas but easier to be fantastic in one and fine in another. There is only so much practice you can do and so it’s more about developing a strategy to ensure you don't lose against time.

For the full Q&A and more information, please check the following link: McKinsey PST

On the BCG potential test, our expert Vlad gives four tips:

  1. Try to find as many people in your country as you can who have done the test. Ask them for the topic, industry and questions they remember. For example in one of the countries there was a test about airlines and reading a couple of articles / company reports / wikipedia artticles with industry terms could significantly improve performance
  2. Try to practice tests with strict time-management. McKinsey PST from the official web site and all mck and bcg -like tests you can find online
  3. Additional recource can be GMAT Integrated reasoning from the official guides and apps if you feel that you are not p[erforming well
  4. As far as I remebmer calculator is allowed on BCG test. Make sure you know how to simplify calculations and use it fast

For the full Q&A and more infortmation, check the following link:

Hope this helps!

Good luck for the test!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 04, 2020

Hi Ilia,

First of all, get familiar with the test and question types. You can find plenty of examples and free exams on the internet for practicing. Here is a sample you could start with:

BCG Potential Test can be considered as an alternative to McKinsey Problem Solving Test, for the most part. So here's a sample:

Secondly, you should focus on sharpening your mental maths and improvind analyzing skills.

It is also a good idea to master a consistent method of answering. Same step-by-step method of answering can significantly easen your tasks.

Finally, try to practice under real conditions. Solving tests in a limited time session will point out if you have enough time to go through every question. Anyway you can reach the desired outcome through practice so when it comes up to the real test you will have no problem in passing it in time.



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Muthu replied on Apr 20, 2017

I prepared using GMAT materials and took few similar exams before appearing for the test. Speed math really helps.

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williams replied on Apr 17, 2017

Hello friend, you can prepare by the help of some best mckinsey consulting firms, mconsultingprep is one of the best consulting firm in the world who is good at giving coaching for mckinsey tests.

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