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Margherita asked on Dec 13, 2015 - 9 answers
Looking for solid partner. Currently preparing for BCG interview coming soon. Practiced over 30 cases.

Hey there!

Does anyone know how BCG test is organised? I've got very controversial information so far:

- online case study, 45 miin, 23 questions

- written numerical test GMAT-like + logical test, about 25-30 min each

Do you know which is the current version? How should I prepare? By the way, I've applied to the Italian and UK offices.



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Originally answered:

Any tipps for BCG Potential Test?

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Anonymous C replied on Mar 21, 2017

The reason why BCG potential test is so difficult is because of the time constraint.

So what I did was work on any questions from the BCG potential test I could find and try to solve them super quickly. For example, this question should be solved in 30 seconds

"One of the biggest global airlines has decided to buy new aircrafts. The ratio of first class, business and economy seats in the new aircrafts will be 1 to 3 to 8 and the total number of seats will be 240.

Average ticket prices for popular destinations are expected to be €700 for first class, €300 for business and €150 for economy. The average duration of these flights is 3 hours.

First and business customers get free Wi-Fi on board but economy customers need to pay €2 / hour to use Wi-Fi.

Assuming that only 5% of economy customers use Wi-Fi all the time, what are the expected revenues from a flight to a popular destination using a new aircraft at its full capacity?

  1. €56,048
  2. €56,016
  3. €56,480
  4. €56,160"

Good luck on the test!

this is really tricky because you end up solving the whole problem, but if you just calculate the cost of wifi only one answer would qualify... — Joseph Arturious on Oct 21, 2018

I went about this the wrong way. Joseph's approach makes a lot of sense. — Jada on Feb 13, 2019

56,048 — Temi on Feb 14, 2019

thanks ! — Anonymous D on May 27, 2019

First -> 20 seats, business -> 60 seats, economy -> 160 seats — Edmundo on Jul 29, 2019

Originally answered:

Any tipps for BCG Potential Test?

replied on Mar 19, 2017
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  1. Try to find as many people in your country as you can who have done the test. Ask them for the topic, industry and questions they remember. For example in one of the countries there was a test about airlines and reading a couple of articles / company reports / wikipedia artticles with industry terms could significantly improve performance
  2. Try to practice tests with strict time-management. McKinsey PST from the official web site and all mck and bcg -like tests you can find online
  3. Additional recource can be GMAT Integrated reasoning from the official guides and apps if you feel that you are not p[erforming well
  4. As far as I remebmer calculator is allowed on BCG test. Make sure you know how to simplify calculations and use it fast

Originally answered:

Any tipps for BCG Potential Test?

Content Creator
replied on Mar 25, 2017
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I agree with Vlad, I reported below some additional tips based on a previous post:

  • One of the most important thing to do well in the case is to do at least a couple of Potential tests before the actual test date. Unlike the McK PST, there are not so many available online, but you should be able to find a few at least.
  • Commit to a time for each question, and go on if you surpass that time. If you do not set discipline, you will end eating too much time for some questions (these tests sometimes are actually structured to have some questions it is better to skip and review at the end). If time and test allows, you can then go back to the questions at the end.
  • Practice a lot of math before – it is normally a key component of all the tests
  • Practice graph interpretation: take some random graphs, give yourself 30 seconds and check if you can get the main insides from them. Then repeat till when you get a sufficient level of accuracy
  • Practice quick reading and quick understanding of key information only: get a Harvard Business School case, give yourself 2 minutes and check how much information you can absorb. Then repeat till when you get a sufficient level of accuracy
  • Use elimination process when in doubts

You can find the original post here:

Finally, you have to take into account you get penalized for wrong answers in the Potential test, so you should adapt your strategy accordingly.


Carlo replied on Dec 25, 2015

Hey Margherita,

I've done the BCG on-line test at the end of Sept within my university (Politecnico).There was no numerical test, only a study case with 23 questions / 45 min (or less).

Each question had multiple choice answers, and you had info material whit charts and data to read from - no calculator allowed.

Personally I found it tricky and quite difficoult, especially for the small amount of time available. After all I achieved a great "mark" and now I am through the recruiting process.

If you need further info PM me!


Anonymous A updated her answer on Jan 24, 2017


Time is the biggest factor when it comes to those tests (BCG you have to answer like 25 questions in 40 minutes), so you should have had some practice skimming text and be really good at mental math. Practice with some math tools or piece of paper. In most cases I don’t think you are allowed to bring a calculator, and even so you will save much time using mental math. You get 3 points for a correct answer, 0 for no answer and minus 1 point for a wrong answer, so don't just guess.

Hope I could help you. Best of luck!


Hey Norah. I have BCG potential test from igotoffer. Last year, I did gmatlike test, then written case. BCG Moscow office cancelled potential test. I am not sure whether it is true for all offices. — Anonymous on Jan 25, 2017

Thank you all :) — Anonymous on Jan 28, 2017

Hi Yerkenaz, do you still have an example of BCG potential test? — Andra on Jul 06, 2017

replied on Oct 13, 2019
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Hi Anonym,

I worked at BCG until recently.

If you like, we can have a call on it? Feel free to write me.

Best regards


Giuseppe replied on Dec 13, 2015
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One year ago (November 2014) the structure was as follows:

1st round: paper-based numerical test SHL-like + the dreaded "traffic lights" test . You have to pass both to continue the selection process

2nd round: just before or after the interviews you'll be required to take a computer-based test similar to McKinsey's PST

I hope that helps,


Hi Giuseppe, do you have any suggestions for the SHL test? I have it in 12 days. — S. on Feb 02, 2018

Wardhana Sasangka replied on Dec 17, 2015

I just took the BCG potential test last month (Jakarta office). It was 45 minutes to solve 23 questions.

Hi, I hope your account is still active. I scheduled for BCG potential test next week in Jakarta office. Do you mind if you share more detail about your test? Thank you — Andra on Jul 06, 2017

It has been a while since I took that test. Do you have any specific question regarding the test? — Wardhana Sasangka on Jul 07, 2017

Ah yes, do you have any study materials or sample for this test? How difficult is the test compared to other written test such as McK PST? (if you have taken any) — Andra on Jul 07, 2017

I think I have few sample questions from various sources (mostly from google). I can send it to you later today (let me know your email address). I find that the BCG test is more difficult than McK PST for three reasons. First, they will deduct a point if you answer wrongly. Second, most (if not all) questions are related. Later questions often requires the right answers from former questions. Third, the questions are displayed on a computer. — Wardhana Sasangka on Jul 07, 2017

Great! please check your message — Andra on Jul 07, 2017

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