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McKinsey Doha office application

Application application process associate doha McKinsey
New answer on Sep 18, 2023
5 Answers
Federica asked on Sep 15, 2023


I sent my CV to McKinsey a couple of weeks ago, and they answered two days later inviting me to participate in the Solve game. 

At the moment I have not received the result yet, do you think is this a normal “waiting time”?

In addition, do you know is McKinsey Doha office is still hiring and how is going the hiring process there?

Thanks a lot

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Best answer
Content Creator
replied on Sep 17, 2023
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

Hi Federica!

Congrats on being invited to the test!

Don't read too much into the waiting time for now. It's absolutely ok for it to take a couple of weeks. 

In case you're getting inpatient, I'd suggest you use your time to apply to other firms and continue practicing for the actual interviews. 

I don't have a candidate at the moment in Doha to know whether they're still hiring, but several of the other ME offices are (so I would assume for now the same applies to Doha).



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Content Creator
replied on Sep 16, 2023
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.500+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching

Hi Federica,

1) At the moment I have not received the result yet, do you think is this a normal “waiting time”?

The time to get a reply after the Imbellus/Solve game varies. It is often within 2 weeks but can be longer. The longest I heard was 2 months and the result was positive. 

2) In addition, do you know if the McKinsey Doha office is still hiring and how is going the hiring process there?

I don’t have specific information for McKinsey Doha, but several companies in the Middle East are still hiring.

Good luck!


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Content Creator
replied on Sep 16, 2023
#1 BCG coach | MBB | Tier 2 | Digital, Tech, Platinion | 100% personal success rate (8/8) | 95% candidate success rate

Hi Frederica,

“Normal” waiting times are anywhere from a day or two to a few weeks. I'd say you are probably on the longer end.

That said, no matter what, please make sure you're coming in with proper expectations - McKinsey is always a low odds game (without coaching). So, make sure you're also aggressively pursuing dozens and dozens of the other firms out there!

Get networking. Get applying. When/if McKinsey is ready, they'll let you know, but you can't rely on it!

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Content Creator
replied on Sep 15, 2023
BCG Dubai Project Leader | Learn to think like a Consultant | Free personalised prep plan | 6+ years in Consulting

Results for the Solve can come in a day to even up to 6 weeks. Not sure why - perhaps they batch it, or perhaps they are just managing their bandwidth. No response does not mean rejection - so rest assured, you will hear back whatever the result may be.

Hiring is pretty much always on in consulting firms so no need to worry about that. There are times when the intake slows down, but interviews dont. In such cases, the joining dates that are offered are a few months into the future.

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Anonymous A replied on Sep 18, 2023

Hey Federica, 

I also applied to McKinsey Doha, and got the Solve Game invitation the day after my application. I finished the game last Tuesday, and still waiting for the results. 

Have you heard back from McKinsey Doha on your Solve result? 

Best regards,

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Federica on Sep 18, 2023

Hey, no answer yet! I did the solve game Sun 3rd Sept... I don't know what to expect... fingers crossed! Do you live in Doha? I'd like to move there, and McKinsey is my dream! I have many years of experience in the finance sector ... I don't know what they are looking for (experience or after MBA). Keep me updated!

Anonymous A on Sep 19, 2023

Okay I see. I think some office will need to wait a bit longer, as they might batch interview invites, so fingers crossed indeed. I am based in Berlin, and would like to move to Doha also. Financial sector is definitely one of the key sectors in Qatar. I also saw your other post about application to BCG Doha, have you heard from them?


Federica on Sep 19, 2023

I sent to BCG too, but they reject my application! I’m trying to take info about how is the market there and which companies are hiring more than others! Have you sent other applications? Hope to get result from McKinsey this week and if by the end of the week I haven’t received an email, I will text them! BTW I think that they sent Solve game invitation to everyone, because I received the invitation to Solve the day after my application, and I can’t believe they did the CV screening in 24h, do you have more info about this?! Keep me updated!

Anonymous A on Sep 19, 2023

Thanks for responding. How quickly did BCG get back to you? I've only sent my application to BCG and McKinsey in Doha, not yet to other companies. Did you try to get in touch with anyone from the Doha office of both firms before applying? I have no exact info on whether they sent the Solve Game to everyone, but if you read what they write on McKinsey Middle East website, it seems they only invite you to Solve Game when they have done an initial screening of your documents. I also received the Solve invitation 24h after my application. But try not to read too much into this, follow up with them when you think the time is right. :)

Federica on Sep 19, 2023

BCG responded after a couple of weeks (maybe less). I also sent CVs to other companies; There's no one I know there, so I'm doing some research and trying to contact all the companies I'm interested in! I'm not sure it will be an easy process, but... I really want to move to Doha, so I'm trying to do my best! In which sector do you work?

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