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How difficult is it to transition from internal consulting (financial services firm) to MBB?

Internal Consulting MBB
Recent activity on Mar 08, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 08, 2019

How difficult is it to transition from internal consulting (financial services firm) to MBB? Seems tier 1/2/3 experience or even industry experience is more valuable to MBB recruiters than internal consulting at a mature (i.e. boring) financial institution. Someone please advice. Thanks.

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Anonymous replied on Mar 08, 2019


I'd break this issue down in two:

  1. The application process
  2. The work itself once you're hired

In terms of the application process, it's all about preparation and about your personal and intellectual skills showcasing appropriately during the interviews. That all comes down to preparation.

In terms of the work itself, this might be a bit of a struggle initially, especially if you're mostly used to repetitive/routine tasks. Things will be moving at a much faster pace, the expectations will be much higher and those around you will likely also be performing at a higher level. The bias (from a recruiter's standpoint) will be: can this person, who is definitely smart but mostly used to performing "boring/routine" tasks deliver what we're expecting of him/her?

Due to this last point, I'd summarize saying: coming from internal consulting, the key point you'll want to prove to MBB recruiters is that you are able to deliver under high-pressure and fast-changing environments, giving concrete past examples. This will directly address their potential bias towards you.

Hope it helps.

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replied on Mar 08, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

it is indeed more difficult to move from internal consulting to MBB than from second tier to MBB, although that’s not impossible; you will likely need a strong referral to manage the transition though.

If you are interested to know more about referrals you can find some suggestions at the following link:



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