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Anonymous A asked on Feb 05, 2019

What is the consulting scene like in Dubai in terms of projects/ industries people most generally work on?

What is the work life balance like? I understand that WLB is usually poor/ difficult throughout the consulting industry but I've heard that this issue is much more severe in the Dubai offices.


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Anonymous replied on Feb 05, 2019

Reflecting on my experience with Oliver Wyman Dubai (and observations of peers at competitors):

Industry / Project Experience - depends on the firm: for example, McKinsey, BCG and Oliver Wyman have a strong prescence in KSA and its Public Sector, whilst Bain appears to be more focused on Private Sector clients.

Work Life Balance - uniformly more severe at Dubai offices than European offices. Anecdotally, I have found that weekdays are rougher, weekends are less sacred, and that “beach work” can often be highly intensive. On the other hand, some (but certainly not all) Public Sector projects can be less demanding, finishing ~6pm consistently.

Feel free to get in touch privately if you have any specific questions on consulting in Dubai or the lifestyle!

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Anonymous updated the answer on Jul 24, 2020

Dear A,

I can confirm everything that you have already hear and seen in the Internet. I was consultant in Dubai for more than 2 years.

You have a great variety of interesting projects, because truly emerging market and the government spending enourmous sums of money for the development projects. In particular 70% of projects are coming from KSA, where th government launched complete moderniztion of the country state. So many projects ar assosiated to the government.

Further, it's traditionally many assignments in Oil&Gas indusry as well as Transportation and Infrustructure. There are also some governmental run PE funds and financial services combined with telecommunication sector and consruction. This is a quick overview of the industry.

Middle East is able to attract top-talents due to the extremely high salaries and tax free. But the on the other hand the price is also very high, so you will truly pay with your health, but this is just a game over a time.

You're absolutely right that there is no balance between work and life while when you became promoted and work on the management and higher position - it's extremely common that you work 1 day plus out of your weekends. So it becomes 6-day working week.

Nevertheless, you can expand and learn very quickly and build tremendously fast career.

If you want, drop me a line and I'm happy to share with you my personal experience.



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