Can I use modified GPA on resume?

Madison asked on Jun 25, 2019 - 4 answers

My first semester of undergrad, I was in the engineering school, and had a terrible transition to college - as a result, my gpa was a 2.74 that semester. I promptly switched to the College of Arts and Sciences after that and got my grades up for the rest of my undergraduate career. My resume currently lists my "College of Arts & Sciences GPA" which is a 3.55. I calculated this on my own by inputting my grades/grade points into an Excel spreadsheet and excluding my first semester.

Up to this point, I've written it like that under the approval of my school's Career Services, but I'm wondering if consulting firms might think I'm trying to hedge my GPA and am being dishonest. On the other side, my full undergraduate GPA is a 3.41 (when including that first semester) and I'm worried that it being that low would toss me out of consideration at top firms automatically, whereas listing a 3.55 is more promising.


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Anonymous replied on Jun 26, 2019

You should put what's in your diploma. However, you can also take the liberty of adding "GPA in Major" alongside it.

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replied on Jun 26, 2019
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Hi Madison,

you should provide in the CV the GPA that can be calculated given the uploaded transcript that you will provide as part of the application, anything else would appear as misleading information.

Hope this helps,


Alexander replied on Jun 25, 2019

When applying to consulting firms, you will have to upload scans of your diplomas. I would recommend that the GPA given in your resume should match the one on your diploma - everything else will be seen, at best, as a tardy mistake, and at worst as deceit. If you are worried about your GPA being to low, you can mitigate it in a few ways: networking, strong extracurriculars, excellent cover letter, ...

Good luck!

Do you mean upload scans of the transcript? My diploma doesn't have my GPA on it. — Madison on Jun 25, 2019

Correct, you will have to upload your diploma. If your diploma doesn't include the GPA, you can, of course, write whatever you want. I wouldn't recommend it, though, and focus on mitigating the low GPA score in other ways. It is not that big a difference (0.14), anyway, and shouldn't break your neck. — Alexander on Jun 25, 2019

replied on Jun 25, 2019
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Put whatever you'll have in the diploma. If you have a separate approval from career services - make sure its in official written form


It's more that over my time at school I've asked if it's okay to list the CLAS GPA as long as it's desingated as such - it's not a written approval. Sounds like you think I should put the overall GPA, then? — Madison on Jun 25, 2019 (edited)

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