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Anonymous A asked on Jul 05, 2021

Hi! Can anyone please give me few examples of bottom-up market sizing questions and how they would solve it please? I am really struggling so any help would be much appreciated. 

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Hi there,

Here are a few ones I like (feel free to message if you'd like to talk through the takes a while and is difficult to type!).

  • Estimate the daily revenue of your nearest starbucks store
  • How many taxis are in Manhattan (can be both bottom-up and top-down)
  • Average annual printing cost of a large corporate bank

Here are some good ones with answers as well:


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replied on Jul 05, 2021
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The one case I really like for market sizing is this one:

I'd say it is closer to bottom up given it gives you a bunch of charts and data for you to piece together to come up with the market size (as opposed to starting with a broad brush total market and then making assumptions to guestimate off the back of that top-down).

Other coaches might have some suggestions on other cases too.

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replied on Jul 06, 2021
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Most of cases can be solved both ways, both bottom and top down. It's really interesting to do it both ways!

That is precisely why I recenty created the following case, with a detailed market sizing problem, in case it helps >

Hope it helps! Cheers, 


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