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McKinsey/ BCG/ Bain-style case solving
behavioral interviews
navigating the recruiting process

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My objective is to share insight into the opaque world of MBB / strategy consulting recruiting to make you feel comfortable in the interview process. Like all new skills, I believe practice and a consistent, repeatable routine is the key to acing the case.  

I will teach you how to…

  • Tailor frameworks to each case instead of relying on memorized frameworks.
  • Articulate the “so what” in your analysis. I believe this separates the good from the great candidates (i.e. you calculated 5% market share, now how can you use this information to make an insightful recommendation?).
  • Be proactive in leading your case interview, regardless of whether it is “interviewer-led” or “interviewee-led”.
  • Feel confident tackling daunting market sizing and math problems you are almost certainly going to encounter.


What to expect in our first session:  

  • I will tailor our first session to whatever is most helpful for you but typically expect ~40 minutes of running through a case and ~20 minutes for feedback and questions. Alternatively, I am happy to carve out time for anything else such as behavioral practice or application prep.
  • I will provide a number of first-hand insights into both the interview process and job as we go through feedback and questions.
  • Please let me know ahead of time if there are specific areas you want to focus on (i.e. difficult quant cases, difficult market sizing cases, etc. )
  • After our first session, I am happy to share prep material to help you beyond our time together.


My background:

  • 3 years at Bain & Company in San Francisco working primarily in tech, private equity, and retail. Mixture of travel and non-travel cases.
  • Currently pursuing my MBA at Columbia Business School sponsored by Bain (will be returning to Bain post-MBA)
  • I have significant case prep experience - I led over 20 Bain first-round interviews and conducted hundreds of case prep sessions with potential candidates at the undergraduate and MBA level resulting in many MBB offers.


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