Where do the answers for the second main conclusion come from?

Bain case: Asian lubricants producer
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Dries fragte am 3. Okt 2019
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Hi everyone

I just finished doing this case with someone and found it very bizar that the conclusions for the the second part mention some random elements. For example regarding brand: "In order to win a lead client, negotiations should commence with AsiaAutoCo..." where does this come from? It felt as if the information given in this case was incomplete in order to obtain these answers.

Warm regards


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You are right, guys. It's like an exhibit is missing, I will report this.
Anyway I expect that a top performer would think about the chance to have a partnership (even if he has not been told about AsiaAutoCo).


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Kevin Z antwortete am 10. Nov 2019

Me too, especially for this case lol. Does anyone know if we upgrade it to premium, is the case we download still going to be the same or there would be extra information? Not only for this case specificially, I mean in general. Thanks a lot~~~

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Koen am 29. Nov 2019
Hi Kevin, no difference for premium users. I would highly recommend to skip the case in peer to peer interviews
Alvaro antwortete am 20. Okt 2019

Hi Dries, I experienced exactly the same. I felt I was so lost. Hope someone could explain this but I guess an exhibit or information is missing and therefore there is no way to reach that conclusions.

Kind regards

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BCG |NASA |20+ interviews with 100% success rate| 120+ students coached |GMAT expert 780/800 score
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