What's your opinion on University of Illinois online MBA?

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Anonym A fragte am 10. Jun 2021

Whats your take on University of illinois MBA and other online MBA for career change?. I am thinking of applying to the above university since it is cheaper and cost $22,000. I want to apply to MBA for career change and have access to a brand name. And post MBA am planning to apply to MBB and other brand names such as Goggle and Amazon. so do you guys think I can achieve the above objective with an online MBA. Any advice on online MBA will be highly appreciated. As for the coaches here your advices are  really appreciated and your advices changes people lives be it finiancially, mentally or general wellbeing. BE BLESSED abdundantly 

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My honest advice is stay to clear of online MBA program. Investment of time, effort and money into MBA must be planned well and done with full commitment. If you cut corners here and there, the rewards you reap will also be lower.

You technically dont need an MBA to get into Consulting provided you present a strong application- CV, Referrals, Interview performance.

Get your CV reviewed and start networking to get an idea where you stand. No harm in applying to a few firms now to test the waters.

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Anonym A am 15. Jun 2021
Thank you.

Hi there,

Sorry to be blunt but no this is not the path if your goal is MBB. Not only is Illinois not a target school (heck, in my search it popped up as unranked), but online is not the way to do an MBA.

If you're gunning for MBB, you need to go to a top 15/top 20 MBA program and/or have a very impressive background. The Illinois MBA is not going to be a value add, I'm sorry!

All that said, have a look at the programs stats (this should be made public). What % of graduates get jobs after graduating? What % get consulting jobs? What % get those at top tiers? Compare it to the top schools and see if it's acceptable to you!

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Anonym A am 15. Jun 2021
Thanks Ian

Hi, it's hard to obtain an MBB or big tech invitation, only thanks to the online MBA you mentioned. Only top full-time programs guarantee you a direct channel and a perfect fit for these firms. An analysis of other experiences of your cv would be crucial. Why don't apply directly now to these firms?


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Anonym A am 15. Jun 2021
Thank you.
Anonym B antwortete am 10. Jun 2021

You should check the employment report to understand the percentage of the cohort actually leaving this online mba and joining MBB and FAANG (seems like another option for you). 

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Anonym A am 15. Jun 2021

Dont do it....completely not worth any money. You will not be able to leverage it for anything meaningful especially at the top brand name firms you mentioned. Do a traditional 2 year MBA from a top 15 school if you actually want to leverage the degree.


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Anonym A am 15. Jun 2021
Thank you.

An online MBA doesn't add much value to your profile for the MBBs. They very much rely on the established B Schools to do candidate screening for them and as long as it's not super competitive to get in, I'd recommend to get a physical MBA at one of the target schools.

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