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What articles from McKinsey website to read in order to get ready for the interview?

Levon fragte am 17. Apr 2018 - 2 Antworten
Practicing for McKinsey interviews

Mckinsey has a great quantity of articles in their website, some of which can be helpful for interview preparation (for example this post "" for market entry type cases). So what are some other articles that will be most helpful for preparation for case or fit interviews?
Thanks in advance.

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antwortete am 18. Apr 2018
Experienced strategy consultant with 5+ years in Roland Berger, doing over 60 Undergrad-->MBA level interviews.
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The way to approach this, especially if you have some time before interviews, is to:

1) Read about the content area you know well: This way you'll be able to speak even better about your background, be it in heavy industry or consumer goods or FS. You'll also understand more about how McKinsey approaches 'your' field, and be able to give good, layered responses.

2) Read reports/ articles on the geography you're applying for: Say you're keen on Spain, read all the reports McK has published to do with Spain, so you understand not just from (1) content focus, but also (2) a more geography focus and more about what McK does in your home market.

3) Read what interests you: Lastly, read for fun. Pick out as many articles or reports you can that speak to you, interest you, and make notes so you can flick through your brief notes prior to the interview.

Good luck!

antwortete am 17. Apr 2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School
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I recommend looking at:

  1. Anything related to your role (e.g. agile, IT transformation, cloud for McK Digital)
  2. Articled about the industries that are most common in your country / office(higher chances for success with cases
  3. Articles about the industries that are most common in cases (retail, airlines, etc)
  4. Articles about most common functions (marketing, supply chain, ops)
  5. Articles that will help you to think of smart questions to the interviewer in the FIT part.


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