What are differences in energy industry of top tier consulting firm

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as an engineering student with a strong background in the energy sector, I am really interested in differences of MBB consulting in this particular industry, especially in the field of renewables. What are major differences in terms of capabilities, industry reputation and track record? Especially in Europe.
I'd really appreciate to get some deeper understanding concerning this point. Thanks.


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The answer to your question varies significantly between countries.
From a global standpoint McKinsey is the leader in the energy sector and the player that invests the most (mainly through articles) to advance an understanding of sustainability and resource productivity issues. McK is followed by BCG and Bain which has tried to develop its presence in renewable energy.

The situation is slightly different in Europe and again, varies by country. In France for instance, BCG is the leader and is followed by McK and Bain. Nevertheless, differences between all 3 firms are negligible. As a matter of fact they have grown so much that all 3 firms have strong energy practices, and attract similar types of profiles and clients. If you really want to specialize in consulting in energy (from day 1), you might also consider some boutique firms specialized on certain energy topics such as renewable.

What European country are you considering? Maybe some folk here will be able to give you more insights on that specific geography:).

I hope this helps,


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Personally, I think OW has the best Energy practice in Europe. However, as you are interested in MBB, I would say the following for Northern Europe:

  • Bain: Dominates the PE market. Strong in FS and very strong in TMT. Turnaround also strong together with McKinsey. Strong in Oil & Gas for the energy field specific.
  • BCG: strong in banking, very strong in PMI, very strong in energy, strong in retail
  • McKinsey: strong in the bulk of them with as peaks their organization, healthcare and government practices.

For southwestern Europe, my diagnosis is as follows:

  • Bain: Strong in Customer Experience and Banking, proficient at due diligences. Zero presence in the energy field.
  • BCG: Almost monopolizes all energy industry (dominates around 90% of the market). Strong in industrial goods.
  • McKinsey: Very strong in infrastructure, retail and banking. Strong in everything else with the exception of energy, where it has almost none presence.

Hope that helps! :)

Best regards


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