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bob fragte am 13. Okt 2019 - 3 Antworten

I was curious as to the likelihood and possibility of transistioning to MBB a year or two after graduation. I currently just had a final round at Bain and wasn't selected, but was wondering what jobs would help me ultimately end up at one of these firms. I am a senior.

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Hi Bob,

as mentioned by Vlad and Deniz that’s a feasible option. The jobs that can increase the most the chances to be invited are

  • Other strategy consulting firms, ideally Tier 2
  • Top strategy role for big brands

If nothing else works, you can also take part in a top MBA and reapply after it for an Associate/Consultant position.



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It's absolutely the same as in the other cases - you apply, get invited to the interviews (if your resume is good enough) and get your offer

The bigger question is - where would you work now, to make your resume relevant for consulting? (Job, Role, Brand)


I was thinking something at a F500 in Strategy/Business development. But was wondering what looks best? — bob am 14. Okt 2019

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Hi Bob,

This is certainly possible. To give you an idea, I have started first at AT Kearney, and only 6 months later I joined BCG as an Associate. If you already reached the final round with Bain, this means that you will stand a good chance next year as well.