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Anonym A fragte am 13. März 2019

So this inquiry is not directly related to consulting, but it's a backup plan for me in case my current search for a consulting job at a top company fails. I just wanted to know if I would be accepted and granted a scholarship (Full or partial) for one of the top 10 MBA programs like INSEAD, Wharton, HBS, Stanford, ....etc with a gpa of 3.41. I graduated in June 2017 from a top university in the middle east with a degree in Electrical engineering and I have been working for a leading company in the IT market.

Thanks in advance,

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Alexander antwortete am 13. März 2019

I think it depends on the rest of the application. While your GPA is not great, I think that you can make it work if you show clear growth since then. For example, having an outstanding GMAT score would help you a lot, especially in contrast with the GPA. Keep in mind, though, that a really high GMAT score can take months and hundreds of hours to come by, so you will want to plan for that. Further, you can demonstrate growth in your essay. I've heard that giving compelling arguments for why you want to do the MBA, and of what it'll let you achieve, can make a huge difference. I'd recommend heading to and reading testimonials for further inspiration and advice.

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B am 18. März 2019

is a 3.4 GPA really considered low for Insead? Does it really matter after 4-5 years of work experience?

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HBS, Wharton, Stanford give you a huge scholarship (up to 90% of tuition) if your previous income was low compared to their standards and you have no assets.


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antwortete am 13. März 2019
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"can", yes of course. There are so many more components to this however, including leadership positions, career trajectory,...

Truly, your question is impossible to answer other than with a 'may be'. I know people with worse background who got it, and people with perfect credentials who did not. You gonna have to apply and see for yourself I'm afraid.

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To make a better informed/educated decision, i would look at ranks such Financial Times + Poets 6 Quants.

On top of that... is a lot about personal preference. Mine, US.

Good luck!

Best is the international benchmarks such as Poets and Quants and FT!


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B antwortete am 25. März 2019
McKinsey cases only

If you don't mind my asking, what have you decided? have you applied to those places for an MBA? if yes, were you successful ?

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Anonym B antwortete am 13. März 2019

A full or even partial scholarship at top 10 with 3.41 GPA from a middle east I'd say is unlikely.

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