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Should I ask? - a follow up mail question

Anonym A fragte am 4. Apr 2019


I was recently invited to an event held by a specific firm at their office, which included a small case as well. My team won this small, fun case and I felt that the consultants present were quite happy with our performance.

I've been at a couple of events like this and after the first one I was asked by an associate at the office to join him to a coffee talk where he offered to "mentor" me through the process should I wish to apply for the firm. Since we've built quite a good relationship, we have had numerous phone calls and email convos, and he has offered to practice cases with me.

During one of our email conversations today, it came up that I went to the recent event, and he briefly mentioned that he is currently on a project with the person in charge of the event.

I was really just curious whether I should ask/write something like "Say my best to X, I hope I made a fine impression at the case"

I'm definitely positive that I did, but of course, it is nice to get confirmation, and further, I'm thinking that it might be showing confidence that I "dare" to comment/ask - on the other hand, I won't come across too cocky.

Any advice - e.g. from people who have recruited before?

Thanks in advance!


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Serhat antwortete am 22. Apr 2019
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It is completely okay!

antwortete am 4. Apr 2019
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I think that's completely ok, you are just networking a little bit and reminding people of a common experience + reminding them of what makes you special.

PS: You "give" your best vs. "say" you best

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