Oliver Wyman Pre-Interview Survey- What's this all about?

Anonym fragte am 20. Sep 2018

Hello everyone,

I just got an email from a Senior Campus recruiter at Oliver Wyman. They said, "In order to complete the application process, we would like to invite you to complete the below survey in the next 48 hours." I took a survey that had 14 questions about my work preferences (pick the attribute that sounds most like you, and least), my strengths and weaknesses, volunteer work, actual work, and then 14 more questions on work preference. I've never seen this sort of thing before, a pre-interview survey, and want to know if anyone else has gotten them, what they mean/insinuate, if I should be worried, etc.




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Giorgia antwortete am 20. Sep 2018
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Dear John,

You absolutely shouldn't be worried. This is standard practice in some consulting offices and at the Big 4. It is usually a preliminary step before the first round of interviews, and usually takes place right before or after a numerical test (or at least that's the case at OW and the Big4).

These kind of tests (Psychometric Tests) help prospective employers gain insight into your personality, background, and psychological thinking, which in turn helps them determine your suitability for a particular position. They might also be helpful to you in that they might allow you to identify your strengths, abilities, and weaknesses.
There is no right way to answer a psychometric test: you must strive to answer all questions honestly and in the required amount of time. My only advice (but it's rather obvious) is to avoid giving answers that are self-deprecating, and to emphasise your ability to interact with people. Someone who presents themselves in the test as a shy, anti-social person risks not making the cut.

I have never heard anyone being rejected after taking a psychometric test, so I really wouldn't be worried. Good luck on the next steps!

This is interesting thank you for the insight! I've been reading/researching so much about the interview processes and this is the first I've read/heard about this kind of thing. — Anonym am 20. Sep 2018

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